A project portraying the rich history, cultural diversity, and contemporary vibrancy of atlanta, georgia (usa).

Two artists, alain pottier & kenfolk art, from different parts of the world meet for the first time and go on a week-long journey capturing their creativity, obstacles and opportunities.

Through the lens of a south african born photographer who grew up in australia and a metro atlanta raised painter with original american roots they explore atlanta’s dynamic urban landscape, the spirit of its communities, and the indomitable warmth of its people. ‘Home of the braves’ invites viewers to experience the city’s bold identity, rich traditions, and the sense of ‘home’ that atlanta offers to all who dwell within its embrace.

This collection of work seeks to foster a sense of connection, capturing moments that evoke nostalgia, pride, and a shared sense of belonging. It is a tribute to atlanta’s unique character and the collective strength of Its people, making it not only a city of champions but also a ‘home’ that inspires courage and unity.

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