11.11.22 — 20.11.22

Step into the realm of fantasy that is Love Letters by Jordan Drysdale, an exhibition exploring the threads that bind us to our relationships – those with friends, lovers and the self.

Love Letters is a celebration of queerness and an expression of love as a universal, intangible phenomenon prevailing beyond rigour and righteousness. It’s a manifestation of love’s duality as the state between sensuality and turmoil, longing and loss, mystery and clarity.

Inviting us into a world that is at once real and unreal, this exhibition defines love as the power to blur the boundaries between truth and make-believe, compelling our imaginations to run rampant. It is, at its core, a love letter to love.

Jordan’s vision is captured in collaboration with Henry King, Blossm Bby, Indra Davaatseren.
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