A more holistic and basic idea of wanting to incorporate [art] into every part of life, less as an egotistical exercise and more natural somehow. I don’t know how to exactly explain it. Taking it off the pedestal. I’m giving it back to the people, I guess.”

[Daniel Drenger, “Art and Life: An Interview with Keith Haring,” Columbia Art Review, Spring 1988, p. 53]

From the vantage of a shared ideology; working against exclusivity, Jungles Jungles presents their new collection featuring a selection of Haring’s artworks. Drawing upon a parallel style that dismisses the pretentious and straight laced, and makes space for people to find their own truth in the work. A path that arrives at a visual language that can be spoken, heard and appreciated without prior knowledge or any regard to hidden meanings. To simply be, and be enjoyed. This collection celebrates the influence and legacy of Haring and his role in shaping a socially motivated, inclusive space in art.

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