09.09.21 — 29.09.21

In a conscious effort to reimagine her process and output, Melbourne artist Marisa Mu entered At the above gallery space ambitious and without a roadmap. Giving herself permission to freely explore the more chaotic, abstract side of her talent — diverging from the detail and discipline of the style she’s so well known for — Mu’s two-week live-in residency has not only produced a compelling body of work but offered an opportunity for her to explore and challenge her own body, too.

Challenging various curiosities, relationships and her meaning of self-romancing, Mu’s intimate journey has given rise to vivid illustrations, poems, performances, paintings and love notes channelling the joyful openness of her approach to the experience. A strikingly honest exhibition, made more powerful by the artist’s affirming exhibitionism (captured live through her time within the space), This is a warm welcome to the world of Marisa Mu.

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