15.06.20 — 19.06.20

At the above together with Lui Hon presents My Wedding Dress, a custom-tailored collection designed, constructed and displayed at At The Above. Turning the concept space into his atelier, Mr. Hon created the complete look in just three days — the suit an abandonment of societal constructs in the modern world, embodied in beautiful craftsmanship.

With Dennis Rodman as muse, My Wedding Dress is underpinned by the liberation of normative constructs, reflecting raw authenticity and subverting societal norms.

The suit is an ode to the oversized suits of basketballers in the nineties, with the poetry of Rodman reflected in its seams — paying homage to the golden era of basketball in its exaggerated silhouette, fabrication and construction.

There is fluidity not only in the way the suit moves on the body, but also the space in which it was created; moments during the process woven into its fabric.

A mashup of materials and techniques were used across the three days, showcasing Mr. Hon’s artistry; an explosion of textures, shapes and ideas coming together to form a cohesive, explorative collection.

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