29.09.21 — 12.10.21

A self-taught, multi-medium Melbourne-based British fine artist whose work conforms to no one particular style, his modus operandi constantly developing and redefining itself.

Nathan’s artistic development began in the small market town of Driffield, Yorkshire where he found solace in drawing, photography and digital production. Dabbling in Dali-inspired digital surrealism to psychedelic symmetry- his creativity began to manifest until a figurative fine artist surfaced. Self-taught and motivated in experimentation, Nathan began working with acrylic and aerosol on canvas to create narratives inspired by sociological observations, nostalgic influences and the ambience of cultural phenomena that surround him.

Nathan seeks to regularly absorb and adapt to new techniques with the intention to incorporate them in his works which makes his practice an evolving process. His pieces take form as they’re produced, guided by internal cues as opposed to kinetic ones with no dictation nor boundaries.

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