A metamorphosis of form, an evocation of identity. Sam Chirnside’s exhibition Sundials unpacks the rich tapestry of our universe in an exploration of space, movement and light. Indents in space this exhibition draws upon the rhythmic fluidity of Sanskrit for inspiration, encapsulating flow and rhythm through abstracted three-dimensional forms. From gestures on paper to the digital, from 3D fabrication to the physical, the work unfolds in a swathe of earthen tones and plaster.

Evoking the windswept face of a sand dune the artworks roll against the light and dance besides time; the face of each work constantly evolving with the sun. Through this interplay the work comes alive morphing from a crescendo of chiaroscuro to softened earthen tones throughout the day. By positioning the sun as the invigilator of his practice Chirnside grounds his viewer, asking them to be receptive to a power beyond themselves.

Exhibition Open 26.08-03.09.2023

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