21.05.20 — 25.05.20

A creative reflection on environmentalism at a time of absence and restriction culminating in an ambitious floral assemblage, the project saw a coming together of many, as family, friends, colleagues and the local community were invited to safely donate flowers from their homes and gardens — a reminder that even in the face of isolation, we are all part of something much greater and together, we emerge.

Kayla Moon and Alienor Renaux each inhabited a marked-out area of At the above, confined to these spaces but adapting and reshaping the perimeters to their needs throughout the residency — the fluidity and blurred boundaries of work and home during this period of isolation are ever-present.

The installation was made up of modular parts, reflective of the ethos that if we apply simple practice and environmental mindfulness, we can create a large-scale impact. At the conclusion of the residency, the installation was dismantled and available for purchase, with all proceeds being donated to the local environmental charity Friends of the Earth.

In response to the worldwide pandemic, like so many xxflos had been forced to adapt; they went from bringing large-scale installations and events to life, to instead delivering weekly florals to their community.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response from our community over this period; the interconnectedness of people wanting to support artists”- xxflos.

The At the above residency allowed xxflos a return to their medium, giving new life to the every day in a creative and thoughtful consideration of our impact on the world around us.

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