Ash Keating
Ice Floes Response





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Pigments, Synthetic Polymers, Moulding Paste, Glass Beans, Perlite, Vermiculite Mica Flakes on Italian Linen. Various sizes.





A maelstrom of colour, a stream of movement and journey into abstraction; this is the power of Ash Keating’s Ice Floes Response. Fashioned in response to Monet’s (1893) series Ice Floes and opening in parallel with Keating’s exhibition at Museum Langmatt in Switzerland, Ice Floes Response merges the past, present and future in an exploration of the environment, time and form. Transmuting Monet’s signature soft dappling of light into three dimensionality Keating indents a topography of presence. Sanding, brushing, scrubbing, painting and hosing; Keating’s work is a labour of tenacity. A rough terrain of adding and subtracting Keating’s work captures the duration of ice through its dimensionality. What once was whole, glittering against the winter sun is now eroding, flaking off and drifting downstream.

By blending his distinctly modern practice with soft dappled brushstrokes, Keating pays homage to both the style and exploratory practice of Monet.


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