Max Küng
Pensive Racing Drivers

Zürich: Patrick Frey, 2013.
First Edition

The picture of jubilant race drivers raising oversized champagne bottles into the air is only too familiar. But the life of a race driver has always been dictated by losses, setbacks, confrontations with technical defects, accidents, disqualifications, and problems of an unknown nature. Like life in general, it is difficult. And that is what this book is about. The first tears that Max Küng can remember shedding were on December 16, 1982. It was a Thursday, the day it was announced on the radio that Colin Chapman had died. They were tears of sorrow; Chapman was the founder and the genius behind the Lotus Sports and Motorcar Specialist, which was the focus of Küng's interest at the time. Max Küng had collected automobile magazines since he was a child and had never missed a single Formula 1 television broadcast. “Cars saved my childhood,” Küng said.


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