Mårten Lange and Daniel Everett
Vantage Point

176 pages, 23 x 28cm, hardcover
Publisher: Actual Source


Beginning with two nearly identical images of City Tower in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Actual Source books’ Vantage Point is the collaborative effort of Swedish artist Mårten Lange and American artist Daniel Everett. In 2016, Lange recognised a familiar image when looking through Everett’s monograph Throughout the Universe in Perpetuity (Études, 2015), when he found a photograph that almost exactly mirrored one he had taken years before: the same subject, same crop, shot from the same spot. The two began a discussion about this coincidence, and over several years and as many trips to Tokyo, a body of work examining that convergence was formed. Both artists operate from a place of observation, with architecture and likewise manufactured landscapes as their chosen visual conceit, using the idea of a metropolis as a vehicle to explore their individual preoccupations of what makes a civilisation.

The book is built around its central spread, showing both Everett’s and Lange’s renditions of City Tower. From this starting point, the two work outward to photograph the city according to their unique modes of operation, but with the common goal of documenting the perspective of a foreigner, an outsider to a culture and its customs. As the artists move away from their chance meeting in Shinjuku, two distinct stories emerge; in conversation, their combined efforts colour a detailed picture of Tokyo and its visual eccentricities, and by proxy, begin a comprehensive study of a larger, prosaic melodrama.

Includes sssays by Jesús Vasallo and Paola Paleari.



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